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Vision Statement


I utilize both my skills as a caretaker and passion for reproductive justice as I support the birthing community in NYC. As a doula, I strive to be an attentive, knowledgeable advocate for your informed consent. I offer my calming demeanor, nurturing presence and support as we navigate birth and the medical industrial complex together.


As a nanny, I seek to empower a sense of delight in children as I accompany them in discovering and exploring the world around them. I exhibit patience, curiosity and respect with all children.


I am passionate about continuing my education, enhancing my knowledge of birth and childhood development. I revel in the beauty of these tender moments of the life cycle, from conception, pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and infancy to childhood. These life transitions require support and I'd love to be the person assisting you and your blossoming family.


My goal is to create meaningful relationships that emanate love with the people I care for so that together we may sustain a vibrant, healthy, thriving community.

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